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Young Ninja Obstacle training kit


Your kids dream competing in a Ninja parkour course and show their skills ? With the Young Ninja obstacle training kit, you can build a parkour in your backyard or at the park. 

The Ninja kit is can be used by adults and children from ages of 5+. The grips can be mounted on beams, bars and pillars with the included rig straps.

With less than 5 min, you will set-up a multi-skill level obstacles that allow kids (and you) train harder and also improving their agility skills.

The Young Ninja obstacle training kit is a fun and easy way to improve core strenght, coordination and focus. Play it in your backyard, playground, home gym, park, camping trips ... any where basically. 

Endless fun, it's time to get your kids and you outside to play and get fit!

This kit includes: 

  • Rig straps x 5
  • Grip ball 3" x 2
  • Bracket x 2
  • T-Bar x 1


You get 13% saving + free shipping vs buying all the pieces individually (not to mention the shipping cost)


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